President of TaeKwonDo International 1993 – to date

The seeds for Tae Kwon Do International were first sown during the 2nd Open World Championships in 1991 when 21 countries declared their intention to join the Tae Kwon Do Association of Great Britain (TAGB) to form an international body able to rise above political differences, look after its members on a global scale but without interfering at a national level, and capable of promoting Tae Kwon Do for the mutual benefit of all those organisations actively involved in its propagation and practise.

Grandmaster C. K. Choi, 9th Dan, is one of the original TaeKwonDo pioneers. I knew GM Choi from a long time ago but we lost touch until I met a student of his at the WASCO world championships in 2008, Master Dan Zaleski from Canada, who I had known from my ITF days. He mentioned he was going to grade with GM Choi and I got him to put us in touch. The next year I brought GM Choi to conduct seminars across the UK for the TAGB and BTC.

They were a great success and I put this down to his great technical ability and knowledge but above all, he is a gentleman and has time for everyone whether it is a black belt or white belt. Grandmaster Choi is a technical adviser for the TAGB and TKDI.

Taekwondo International
Grandmaster C. K. Choi

Taekwondo International host some of the largest competitions in Europe.

The world championships have become the most popular event in the Taekwondo calendar with over 1500 competitors from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe attending.

The championships are held every other year at some of the biggest venues in the UK.